Each year, the Leadership Fresno Steering Committee selects the most passionate and qualified applicants to be part of the next class. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford tuition, and the Alumni Association receives several requests from students who could use a little financial assistance. It is through your support and attendance of our events that we are able to provide most of the qualifying applicants assistance with up to 50% of the tuition cost. Thank you for your consideration!

Leadership Fresno is part of the Fresno Forward Foundation Inc 501(c)(3). Donation letters of authentication and W9 will be provided upon request. If you would like more information on our association or Leadership Fresno please email leadershipfresno@gmail.com

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Volunteer Opportunity Sharing Requirements

As a dues paying member of the Leadership Fresno Alumni Association, there is an opportunity to promote upcoming events and/or volunteer opportunities on the website.  Submissions must be made to the organization via email (leadershipfresno@gmail.com) a minimum of 3 weeks before the postings are to be published.

All Events to Be Shared:

  • Must align with the mission of LFAA and fit who we are as an organization.
  • Must help our community, our alumni or further the mission of LFAA.
  • Submissions should include preferred date of when it should be posted. 
    • Please note: No specific date is guaranteed.
  • Submissions must include short description of need to be filled (duties, physical requirements, etc.), how many volunteers are needed, location, time frame and how to contact organizer.
  • A thumbnail photo is required. This can be an image of the location where volunteer duties are to be performed or logo of the organization requesting assistance.
  • A website for the organization requesting assistance.

Note: Fundraising opportunities are excluded  |  All submissions are subject to LFAA approval.

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