For many of us, being a part of the Leadership Fresno Program was much more than learning about our community and making a positive impact through our class project. It was also about networking with other leaders and building longstanding relationships with like-minded professionals. Over time, those relationships have allowed us to uplift each other and our community. Together, we’ve become greater catalysts for change! Your experience in the Leadership Fresno Program was likely one of the most memorable in your professional career – it certainly was for me as well!

Our new website was designed to keep that momentum going! In addition to discounted networking and mixer events, your paid membership will give you access to many new features on the website including:

 – Your own personalized profile to highlight your current employment, achievements, contact information and links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
 – Access to the Leadership Fresno Alumni directory, including the most recent contact information for all past graduates
 – The ability to submit news about you or your company for publication on the website and newsletter
 – Post job openings and volunteer opportunities

In addition to a fantastic new website, we look forward to a fall full of opportunities to connect, learn and serve together! Our next Fresno Famous Fireside Chat will take place in October with President of Fresno State, Dr. Joseph Castro. We will have the privilege of hearing from him in his home and the University House … how cool is that? We are also going to get together and GIVE BACK by launching the Class Project Revisited service opportunity. This will allow all of us a chance to “get our hands dirty” again, like we did during our class years. And of course, I can’t forget the always anticipated and well attended LFAA Holiday Party where we can look forward to a lively evening of cocktails, prizes and holiday cheer!

On behalf of the entire Leadership Fresno Alumni Association, we are truly honored and excited that you have continued your journey with Leadership Fresno and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Christa Atchley (Short)
Leadership Fresno Alumni Association President 

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Volunteer Opportunity Sharing Requirements

As a dues paying member of the Leadership Fresno Alumni Association, there is an opportunity to promote upcoming events and/or volunteer opportunities on the website.  Submissions must be made to the organization via email ( a minimum of 3 weeks before the postings are to be published.

All Events to Be Shared:

  • Must align with the mission of LFAA and fit who we are as an organization.
  • Must help our community, our alumni or further the mission of LFAA.
  • Submissions should include preferred date of when it should be posted. 
    • Please note: No specific date is guaranteed.
  • Submissions must include short description of need to be filled (duties, physical requirements, etc.), how many volunteers are needed, location, time frame and how to contact organizer.
  • A thumbnail photo is required. This can be an image of the location where volunteer duties are to be performed or logo of the organization requesting assistance.
  • A website for the organization requesting assistance.

Note: Fundraising opportunities are excluded  |  All submissions are subject to LFAA approval.

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